apple pecan overnight oats

Are you one of those people who often skip breakfast due to busy mornings and lack of time? If yes, you need to start soaking your oats overnight.

The first meal of the day is pivotal for boosting your metabolism and kicking off your day with energy. So, what do you need to digest so early in the morning?

The solution: Overnight Oats.

4 Health Benefits of Soaking Oats Overnight

  1. A bowl of soaked oats in the morning will support you in feeling full and satisfied. According to research, people who eat porridge for breakfast feel fuller for longer and consume fewer calories at lunch. 
  2. Soaked oats improve oat digestibility and allow nutrients in the grain to be more easily absorbed by your body. When you soak oats, it’s almost like you’re cooking them without heat. Soaking helps the starches break down and reduces the natural phytic acid, which may help your body utilize the oats’ nutrients much more efficiently.
  3. Overnight oats are healthier for your gut. Rolled oats contain 8.5 grams of resistant starch, by soaking rather than cooking, the oats retain more of the resistant starch. Resistant starch is a type of prebiotic fibre that your body cannot digest. Instead, it passes through your digestive system till it reaches your gut, where it is fermented by your gut bacteria, promoting a healthy gut environment.
  4. Oats are beneficial to one’s cardiovascular health. According to a study, a specific oat fibre known as beta-glucan has been shown to lower cholesterol levels by 5 to 10%.

Simple Way to Make Overnight Oats:

To prepare overnight oats, simply put porridge oats in a container, fill them with water, your choice of milk or yoghurt, and place them in the fridge. Remember to always soak the oats for at least 12 hours, but 24 hours is better. Adding toppings of your choice and there you have your overnight oats!

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