Lemon Drizzle Overnight Oats

This vegan, gluten free Lemon Drizzle Overnight Oats recipe is a creamy refreshing healthy breakfast recipe full of tangy lemon flavours.

Ingredients checklist

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40g Oat Pantry Lemon Drizzle Porridge Oats

50ml milk of your choosing

50g yoghurt of your choosing

3 tbsp yoghurt of your choosing

1/2 tbsp milk of your choosing

20g of melted white chocolate (dairy free can be used)

Optional: top with lemon zest



Firstly, prepare your overnight oats with 40g of Oat Pantry Lemon Drizzle Porridge Oats, mixed with a 50/50 split of your choice of milk and yoghurt.


Leave to soak overnight.


In the morning add a topping of 3 tbsp of your yoghurt of choice, mixed with 1/2 tbsp milk of your choice and 20g of melted white chocolate (dairy free can be used). Optional: top with lemon zest.