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Can You Freeze Overnight Oats?

Can you freeze overnight oats? The answer is yes! Freezing overnight oats is a great way to increase their shelf life and prep ahead of time.

A breakfast that is already waiting for you in the morning. Sounds good, right? That is also healthy and super tasty? Even better, isn’t it? 

It is always preferable to prepare the meals ahead of time and freeze them with busy morning schedules.

What Are Overnight Oats? 

Firstly, let’s discuss ‘what are overnight oats?’.

Overnight oats are oats that have been soaked in water or milk overnight. The oats absorb moisture, resulting in a delicious no-cook version of porridge. The main advantage is that you can prepare it in the evening, so that all you have to do in the morning is take it out of the fridge and have breakfast.

If you want to batch make overnight oats and prepare them even further in advance you also have the option to freeze them and then defrost, as and when you’d like to eat them.

Can You Freeze Overnight Oats?

In a word, yes. Oats can be frozen overnight in single servings for up to 3 months. This allows you to stock individual servings for a few weeks. A few precautions should be taken to retain the best quality of oats after defrosting.

How To Freeze Overnight Oats?

Tip # 1

When making overnight oats, keep in mind that the liquid, ingredients, and other toppings you use influence how your oats freeze and whether or not they taste fresh once thawed.

Tip # 2

Before freezing the overnight oats, prepare them as usual, but leave out the fresh toppings.

Any added fruit, such as chopped apples or sliced bananas, will become soft and mushy after freezing and thawing, and while some may disagree, it’s best to add the fruit after defrosting your main overnight oats mixture. Fruit compotes will be ok, as they have already been cooked and made into a jam like consistency.

Tip # 3

Choose the best container for freezing your overnight oats. There are several container options, but the primary concern is that the container seals tightly.

Glass Jar For Freezing Overnight Oats

Glass jars are a popular container for overnight oats, and they also work well for freezing oats. We have the perfect single serve glass clip top overnight oats jar available here, that has an air tight seal and is freezer safe.

All you need to do is make sure that:

  • The glass jars are freezer safe.
  • They seal well.
  • They provide odour protection in the freezer.

What’s The Best Way To Freeze Overnight Oats?

It’s always good to make a large batch at once and then freeze individual servings in freezer safe containers.

How Do You Defrost Frozen Overnight Oats?

There are several methods for thawing frozen overnight oats, and you can choose any of them based on your preferences.

1. Placed in the refrigerator

The recommended method for defrosting frozen overnight oats is to leave them in the fridge overnight to thaw. Oats thawed in this manner can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.

2. In a cold water bowl

Frozen oats can be defrosted overnight in a bowl of cold water, but they should be eaten right away. 

3. On the kitchen counter

If you are in a hurry, you can defrost your frozen overnight oats by leaving them on the kitchen counter, for no more than 2 hours and eating them once they have thawed.

What Mistakes Should Be Avoided When Freezing Overnight Oats?

  1. When storing oats in the freezer, do not add toppings until ready to eat. Freeze overnight oats separately from fresh toppings. They will become soggy and will most likely disrupt the texture of the oats.
  2. It is a good practice to store overnight oats on one of the freezer shelves and not in the door, as there is a significant temperature fluctuation in the door that can spoil the quality of the overnight oats.
  3. To avoid the smell of other types of food in the freezer, store the oats overnight in an airtight container. Oats should be stored overnight away from strong-smelling foods.


Finally, remember that refreezing thawed overnight oats is not recommended because it degrades the quality.

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