Overnight Oats Jar


Our 200ml Oat Pantry glass jar is perfect for making a single serving of overnight oats.


Our 200ml Oat Pantry clip top glass jar is the perfect size for a single serving of our overnight oats. Having a proper overnight oats container makes meal prep super convenient and easy to accomplish.
The clamp lid will keep your oats fresh and protect them from excess moisture.

Hand wash only.

Product Specifications:

  • Volume: 200ml

  • Colour: Clear

  • Height: 86.1mm

  • Diameter: 83.3mm

  • Neck Finish: Clip

Care Instructions

Here’s some simple tips for looking after your Oat Pantry Overnight Oats Jar:

  1. Gently hand wash your jar & avoid using abrasive cleaning pads or powders.
  2. Limit the time your jar stays wet in the open air by drying your jar as soon as it has been washed.
  3. Avoid using soaps or cleaning products on the rubber seal or metal ring as much as possible.
  4. When you receive your jar, add the rubber seal around the top lid. This makes it air & water tight.
  5. Don’t microwave your jar with the metal ring or seal. We recommend using a microwave safe bowl.


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