Cherry Bakewell Scrambled Oats

If you haven’t tried scrambled oats yet then you NEED to try this protein packed breakfast!

Especially when our different flavours of porridge oats make it super easy to serve up a delicious bowl of scrambled oats.

Scrambled oats is a unique and delicious twist on traditional porridge. It is a breakfast dish that combines the comforting texture of porridge with the flavours and presentation of scrambled eggs. Unlike the traditional preparation method of cooking oats in boiling water or milk, scrambled oatmeal involves whisking the oats with eggs and cooking them together on a hob.

Ingredients checklist

Use our checklist to tick off each ingredient.

60g Oat Pantry Cherry Bakewell Porridge Oats

1 banana mashed

1 egg or vegan substitute e.g. chia egg (1 tbsp chia seeds to 2.5 tbsp water), or 3 tbsp peanut butter



Place the oats, banana and egg (or egg replacement) into a small mixing bowl, stir together until well combined.


Heat a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and transfer the oat mixture to the pan.


Spread it out in an even layer and allow it to cook until it starts to set, about 2-3 minutes.


Use a spatula to scramble the mixture (like you would if you were making scrambled eggs) and cook on the other side until browned, about 3 more minutes or until you’ve reached your desired golden colour/texture.


Serve with your choice of yoghurt and we also added a quick mixed berry compote to ours (made by microwaving a small handful of frozen berries in a small microwave safe bowl for 1 minute in 30 second intervals).