Oat Pantry Jar & Pegs Set

Size: 300g


Our glass jar is the ideal size for making overnight oats, whilst our peg set helps to lock in freshness.


Our 200ml Oat Pantry glass jar is the perfect travel companion. Whether it is to carry your cereals to work or simply to prepare some overnight oats, its size and durability is ideal. The clamp lid will keep your cereals fresh and protect it from moisture.

As our Oat Pantry packaging is 100% plastic free, it means you won’t find a re-sealable strip on our oat bags. The wooden pegs are ideal for resealing your Oat Pantry granola and porridge bags in style.

Care Instructions

Our glass Overnight Oats Jar is hand wash only. Do not use abrasive cleaning pads or powders on the jar. Hand washing recommended without any cleanser for the gasket (rubber seal) and the metal ring.